Privacy Policy

Personal information
Lady Zee is committed to respecting and protecting your personal information privacy in accordance with applicable laws, industry standards and laws. To better understand how Lady Zee treats your information, here are our basic principles for the treatment of personal data. By registering and / or placing an order, you agree that Lady Zee stores and uses information relating to your purchases as well as the information you have provided.
Lady Zee, 6 Allées Léon Gambetta, Clichy La Garenne, is responsible for the personal information entrusted to it, in accordance with French laws concerning personal information. This means that the processing of these data meets the protection requirements established in this area.
What data do we process?
Lady Zee offers you the opportunity to use its websites to make purchases of products or services, ask questions and register to participate in different events. On these websites, we collect your personal information and the information necessary for billing with cookies. We also record the transaction information and details of your payments if you choose to pay by credit card. We reserve the right to contact your bank to file a claim. The personal data Lady Zee and its affiliates deal with are your birth date, name, gender, email address, purchase history, payment and control, payment card number, shipping address, IP address and telephone number.
What do we use your personal data?
Data is stored and used to enable us to fulfill our duties to you, and can best meet your expectations, providing you with superior service. The data is also stored and used also for information campaigns and marketing. This means that Lady Zee and its affiliates may use your information to contact you via SMS or email (with your consent) to inform you of special offers, advertising campaigns or for the purpose of participating in market research. You can easily stop these shipments email or SMS by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter, following the instructions at the end of SMS or by contacting us in order to stop any marketing activity towards you.
The data can also be used to analyze your spending habits in order to provide you with relevant information and tailored marketing campaigns and improve the site, payment solutions and payment process. The data processing to enhance payment solutions and payment processes can include the processing of your personal data which is then transmitted to other companies within the Lady Zee Group and third party vendors to be included in analytical databases.
The use of data may involve links with other records, both within and outside the EU, and that your personal data transferred to and processed by other companies within the group in the Lady Zee goals mentioned above, in accordance with laws and regulations. Data can also be coordinated or shared with authorities or our employees for printing and distribution, for example, along with intermediate payments and payment or credit credit companies. Lady Zee processes your information with the utmost care and commits us commits that your customer data being used exclusively by Lady Zee and its affiliates.
By accepting the privacy policy on the site as part of the sale or letting your personal data, you agree that your personal data transferred to countries outside the EEA.
If all or part of the business is sold or if Lady Zee is integrated to another company, your personal information may be forwarded to our consultants, potential purchasers and their advisers, and thus transmitted to the new owners of the business sold .
How do we protect your personal data?
Lady Zee and its affiliates protect your personal information through security measures both technical and structural. To prevent unauthorized access when your payments, we use an encrypted system and the web browsers certification system to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers. In addition, we have the appropriate firewall and antivirus software to protect and prevent unauthorized network access. Access to areas where personal data is stored is limited and requires that employees identify themselves to gain access.
Our Paypal payment partner, applies the security standard PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), a collective term for mandatory safety standards that govern the processing of banking information and maps were developed by the industry Payment – Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Diners. This standard applies to all operators in charge of payment transactions involving credit and debit cards.
Lady Zee uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a secure protocol for data transmission over the Internet (or other networks). It is society that Netscape Communications developed and developed SSL, now the industry standard protocol.
A protocol is defined as a set of rules and procedures on how information (data) should be treated.
The SSL protocol processes the data in different ways and “encodes” the information.
He does this so that the data can not be read during transfer between two computers, the “inversion” is called encryption.
How long will your personal data be backed up?
If you have agreed to be a user / registered member Lady Zee your data is saved until you désinscriviez. You can unsubscribe at any time as a customer. If you do not register as a customer / member, your information is stored as long as necessary into force of the law or to allow Lady Zee to fulfill its commitments to you, such as the respect of delivery and warranty.
Your data will never be saved longer than what is allowed under the current legislation on data protection.
Access, update and correction of your personal data
You have, in accordance with the current legislation on data protection, the right, once per calendar year without charge, the personal data processed about you, whatever the method of collection of such data. If you want access to this information, you must submit a written request. The application must comply with the legislation of protection of data being presented and signed by you in writing to the address indicated on the site. This request can be sent by email.
Lady Zee wants to ensure that your information is accurate and current. If some of the information you have provided to Lady Zee changes, for example, if you change your email address, name or payment details or if you wish to terminate your account, please pass the information Lady Zee correct by sending an email via the Contact section. You have the right at any time to request that your personal data corrected, blocked or deleted.
Your personal information will not be processed for direct marketing purposes if you object to such treatment. You can at any time withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data. The withdrawal may be limited to cover only part of the treatment, such as that relating to direct marketing, for example.
Links to other sites
The site may contain links to other sites. This privacy policy applies only to this website. Once you access another site, you should read the privacy policy that applies to that other page. Note that Lady Zee does not assume responsibility for the processing of your personal data by other websites.
Changes to Privacy Policy
Lady Zee reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time to the extent that changes are needed to correct a problem or meet new legal and technical requirements. Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted on the site.
The Lady Zee site uses cookies. A cookie file is an encoded file that installs on your computer, subject to your approval and which can be used to track what visitors do on the site.
There are two main types of cookies: 1) a permanent cookie remains on your computer for a specified period of time. 2) a session cookie that is temporarily stored in the memory of your computer while browsing the site. Session cookies are deleted when you close your browser.
Lady Zee uses cookies to improve the site for visitors, for example by adapting the site preferences, choices and interests of the visitor, to help you keep track of items you put into your cart, you help to process your purchase, to ensure that the visitor is logged on the website and will therefore not have to identify themselves on each new page it visits, to tailor our services and assure you that this advertising is relevant to you and to be able to meet our commitments to purchase.
Permanent cookies are used to store your personal settings on Lady Zee so that, for instance, you do not have to make certain choices each time you visit the site and to customize and make information and marketing also relevant as possible for you. Session cookies are used in particular in order to record statistics on the use of the site.
By accepting Terms of Lady Zee and / or privacy policy and using the website of Lady Zee, you consent to the processing of cookies as explained here. If you do not accept the use of cookies, you can disable cookies in the security settings of your browser. You can also configure your browser to get a question every time the Lady Zee website attempts to place a cookie on your computer. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies, see your browser’s help pages for more information. In addition, you can always delete cookies manually from your hard drive.
Note that if you choose not to accept cookies, you will not be able to make purchases on the website. Furthermore, the site functionality may also be limited.